Saturday, June 4, 2011

Three little words

I like the motto of the University of Vermont libraries: Ask. Discover. Create.  Beautifully and succinctly stated, flowing like an arrow through the research, knowledge process. 

UVM even initiated an outreach campaign with students as models to promote the first part.  (The youngsters in the last photo look a little disinterested, though. ;) )  Engaging students in library promotion, creating allies, suggests great potential. 

The "discover" part I like too, suggests an open process, including serendipity.  "Inventing is finding," I read somewhere.  But we don't stop there, do we? 

How do the libraries foster creation for their users.  A clue may be in the Center for Digital Initiatives. An email link is provided for someone in the community to suggest a new collection.  Elsewhere, the librarians state: "It is the UVM Libraries' goal that students, faculty, staff, scholars, and community members participate as users and creators of digital resources in an open, collaborative environment. The CDI works with users to integrate digital collections in their research, teaching, and learning strategies." The image archives they host are beautiful.  I would be interested to learn how such collections have been used in courses and study, with what outcomes.

Nice work, UVM!

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  1. Another great post! Thanks again. I really like their motto and your analysis is inspiring!